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Adidas Ice Dive 100ml

Adidas Ice Dive 100ml

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Adidas Ice Dive 100ml Eau De Toilette Spray for Men

A man who puts his all into his sport expects the same performance from his fragrance.

Adidas fragrances feature Fragrance Booster technology and all day long-lasting fragrance, together with a sensation of fresh energy to take you through the day with confidence.

Adidas has been a top name in sports and sportswear for decades, and Adidas Ice Dive meets that high standard to the letter.

Designer: Adidas

Year Introduced: 2001

Type: EDT

Category: Men

Fragrance Notes: A refreshing, clean scent that’s perfect for the active sportsman on the go, this fragrance for men blends notes of citrus, amber and greens into a fresh scent that’s great for all sorts of daytime adventures and will turn heads anywhere you go. A go-to scent since its introduction in 2001, Adidas Ice Dive is the right choice for all sporty men.

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