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Clay Cooker for Appe Making

Clay Cooker for Appe Making

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Clay Cooker with Glass lid
Color  Brown
Capacity-   3L =40 ,50= $55
Mitti Ka Cooker or clay Cooker or terracotta Cooker is best for daily use. As it has many health benefits. As we require many essential nutrients for our body.

The clay used for making this Cooker/pot have Many essential nutrients in right proportion. It makes with the mixture of 5-6 clays from different place. After giving shape firing of Cooker is done under 1000-1200 degree Celsius to provide it more strength and convenient to use.

When firing is done it is ready to use after few hours. But before start using we need to sink it in water for 20-30 minutes. It is needed to be done only once when the Cooker/pot is new.

We don’t need to use detergent /liquid soap/ dishwasher for cleaning or washing. Only warm water and a piece of lemon/ nimbu is sufficient to remove stains and oily surface.

It can be used for making Daal, rice, biryani, sabji, dahi etc.. In terracotta material these Cooker/pots are available with different variants and capacities.

There are many health benefits and advantages for cooking in it.

* Food doesn’t loose its nutrient value.

* Food cook properly, healthy and delicious

* Easy to use and clean

* Specially made for use on LPG Gas Stove.

These terracotta utensils are porous in nature. It uses less oil for cooking almost half the oil use for cooking in other metal utensils because absorb moisture and oil from the food and use that for cooking process. Thats why cooking process in terracotta is usually slow than others. For example if a daal take 15 minutes in aluminium cooker it will take 20 minutes in terracotta utensil.
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