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Inflatable pool Sunset Glow 114cm

Inflatable pool Sunset Glow 114cm

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Bright, bold and fun! This pool is the perfect size for kids to paddle around in. 3 inflatable rings and a soft inflatable floor for extra comfort.

* The soft sides and floor of the Intex Sunset Glow Inflatable Pool make it a comfy place for your little ones to cool off in this summer.
* The Intex Sunset Glow Pool is a soft place to play
* Soft inflatable floor keeps your kids comfortable during play
* Kids Swimming Pool - Intex Sunset Glow Pool is a kids\' swimming pool, made up of three colourful full-colour rings and each pumped for ventilation on the ring.
* Intex Baby Pool is a portable pool where it is easy to carry anywhere because it is very practical and simple, and does not take up too much space *
With this pool, parents can watch their kids wash while playing with water at any time
* Designed in 3 Ring full colour
* For ages 1 - 3 reviews
* Capacity of 1 - 2 children
* Quality Vinyl Materials


  • 1.14m x 25cm Inflated

SAFETY PRECAUTION MUST BE TAKEN as Children can drown in very small amounts of water

* Empty the pool when not in use

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