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Papaya Fruity Soap

Papaya Fruity Soap

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Pure Herbal Papaya Fruity Soap (4 In 1) Is A Unique Skin Whitening Soap With Papaya Herbal Soap Cubes With (Sunblock Moisturizer & Hypoallergenic). A Unique Whitening Soap Incorporating The Mildness Of Clear/Transparent Soap And The Whitening Property Of Herbal Papaya Soap In Cube Form. Main Ingredient: Glycerine, Papain Enzyme The Most Potent Component Is Of Course Papain Extract, Which Is One Of The Most Popular Natural Whitening Components Papain Extract Is Basically A Natural Enzyme That Promotes Rapid Skin Cell Renewal And Turnover Of Cells. Thus, It Is Very Effective In The Exfoliation Of Dead Skin Cells. Papain Also Has Restorative Properties On The Skin. How Does Papaya Whiten The Skin? Papaya Has Become Known As A Leading Ingredient In Skin Whitening Products Because It Contains Papain, A Natural Enzyme That Promotes Skin Renewal And Cell Turnover. It Helps In Exfoliating The Skin To Reveal Newer Cells, And Has Restorative Properties That Soften The Skin. To Maximize The Benefits Of Papaya, Use Pure Herbal 4 In 1 Papaya Soap. Direction For Use: Apply The Soap On Wet Skin; Softly Massage Soap Throughout Your Whole Skin Especially On The Most Affected Parts. Don’T Rub The Soap Harshly. Avoid The Soap Entering Into Eyes, Nose Or Mouth. Keep The Soap On Your Skin For At Least 60 Seconds Than Wash It Off. If You Feel Itching On Any Part Of Your Skin The Stop The Usage Of Soap.Use With Belo Cream For Best Results. Specifications

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