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Wax Blocks Traditional Extra - Talc Rose

Wax Blocks Traditional Extra - Talc Rose

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Enriched with the purest Rose Oil, this hair removal wax leaves the skin smooth and silky even after the first application. Ideal for even the most sensitive skins. Ultra-soft, elastic waxes with even gentler tear-off, they act at an even lower temperature, feeling just lukewarm on the skin. Ideal for those experiencing their first hair removal session, or with particularly sensitive skin. Formulated without pure Colophony, to minimise reactions on the most sensitive skins.

New waxing Technology
Easily spreadable and elastic
Lukewarm on the skin
Dilates the hair pores
No strip removal
Hair is gently removed at the root
Perfect result with a thin layer 
Ideal for sensitive skin
98% Biodegradable
80% More effective than traditional wax 
Longer lasting effects
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